Playboy Covergirl Anna Farris Goes Nude

August 30th, 2010 by Anna

hot anna farris cleavage

Hot and teasing Anna Faris got to spend a lot of time at the Playboy mansion while shooting her movie The House Bunny . The alluring actress had this to say about her time with Hugh Hefner’s bunny girls: “It was really fun to be a part of that world for a small amount of time. All of the girls were really sweet to me and very welcoming. I think they went out of their way to be very gracious and friendly. They were very enthusiastic to me about the movie and Hef was great.” Yeah, and she looked very fuckable in the bunny outfit and other skimpy attire she wore for the movie, just check out these hot Anna Faris sexy photos.

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Hugh Hefner was so impressed with theseductive blonde actress that he put her on the cover of Playboy for September that year. Anna had this to say when asked if she was glad that she got on the cover of Playboy: “Yes I was, but I’m not naked. I’ve got a funny story about that, actually. I was in New York last week and these guys shouted at me, ‘Hey, we bought the Playboy because we thought you were going to be naked. You’re not naked. We want our money back!’ I didn’t know what to say. “ Did Playboy magazine actually ask Anna to strip? Her answer is yes: “They did, but I wouldn’t do it… and it’s not like I got paid or anything. I’d have to get paid to do that! “ But the tempting young actress does strip naked for her upcoming new movie- and she really looks hot naked, as can be seen in these nude photos of Anna Faris.

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Anna Faris Caught Fucking A Baseball Bat

April 21st, 2010 by Anna

Anna Faris has found a better way to have a good time during her time off, and you’d be surprised at what some photgrapher caught her doing one day.  And what this lucky guy found out is that Anna Faris likes to take a baseball bat, take off her clothes, spread her legs, and then take that baseball bat between her legs and start fucking it good and hard!  I know!  Isn’t that cool?

Of course I’d prefer it if it were my cock she was stuffing up her poontang, but for sheer hotness I’d gladly watch her bang a baseball bat any day!  It looks like normal dildos don’t do anything for her, she needs the length and girth of a tool that’s used to hit home runs to satisfy her.  She must score a few of those runs multiple times everyday, don’t you think?

I guess it’s best that I don’t get to fuck her now, not after all those massive orgasms using her monster fucktoy.  I mean, I’m not being falsely modest or anything, but I don’t think I can match up to a baseball bat when it comes to size!  But then I might have a chance.  Because if you look closely at the picture, you’ll see that she’s using the bat on her asshole!  Yes, Anna’s an anal sex fan as well as being a giant dildo slut!

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Anna Faris Gets Fucked on the Sofa

July 10th, 2009 by Anna

Anna Faris getting fucked

It’s no secret that Anna Faris likes to give her fans a good laugh and a good time. But little do they know that she knows how to have a good time as well. Fucking, that is. Oh yes, our oh so lovable comedienne spends her leisure time fucking and riding a hard cock until her pussy is dripping wet.

After a hard day’s work, Anna’s idea of rest is not to lay on a comfortable bed, but to lay her pussy on a big, fat cock until she cums to her sleep. As you can see, she enjoys herself very much! There’s nothing she likes better than feeling her nice pink pussy being ripped open by a big cock. Boy look at her ride! She’s a natural!

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Anna Faris Caught Plasuring Herself

November 4th, 2008 by Anna

For someone who’s brought so much pleasure to others, it’s sad to see Anna Faris not receiving much pleasure herself.  At least that’s the reason we think is behind all these images of her pleasuring herself with some dirty toy or another.  In one of these photos it looks like it’s an Oscar statuette that she’s stuffing up her pussy, though that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s hooking up with some actor.

That could be an Academy Award from some technical category that some special effects geek loaned her, because she’s just so lovable.  Boy, if he knew where that Oscar’s been, I’ll bet he’d work harder to win more, so that he can let her borrow every single one (and then he can sniff on them afterwards).  Anna Faris got divorced recently from her husband of three years, so that could be the reason behind this spurt of masturbation sessions she’s been having.  Well, we’d gladly pleasure her if she wants us to, but checking out these pics of her dildo fucking herself is satisfaction enough until that happy day!

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Anna Faris Showing Off Her Pussy

November 4th, 2008 by Anna

It’s not just her sweet, perky boobies that Anna Faris is showing off here.  In what looks like a continuation of her previous naughty pictorials, Anna Faris is exposing her lovely smooth pussy in these shots.  Drooling over her completely naked body is something that any guy out there would love to do, and boy does she know it.  Luckily for us, she’s acting on what she knows and providing us with our heart’s desire.

Although come to think of it, there may be a chance that she’s not doing these things solely to please us.  Anna Faris is a natural blonde, you see, and she died her hair brunette to be able to play her her role on “Scary Movie” better, since the character of Cindy Campbell was based on Neve Campbell, from the original “Scream” movie.

That means these nude pics were taken when Anna Faris was just making a name for herself in the business, and probably wasn’t aware yet of what a sex symbol she would become to her soon-to-be-legions of fans.  So I guess it’s possible that Anna Faris posed for these dirty pics to please some kinky part of herself, and she’s only now releasing them for our pleasure.  Well, for whatever reason, or whoever released these Anna Feris pussy pics, we’re all damn happy it happened and we get to spank our monkey to the sight of Anna Faris nude, of which there are lots more samples of on that link back there…

Anna Faris Goes Topless

November 4th, 2008 by Anna

For a girl who can make us laugh so much, Anna Faris sure is hot!  She’s known best for starring in all “Scary Movie” franchises, and with every pratfall, sight gag or funny face, she really gets us rolling in the aisles.  But even when she makes a goofy look with her cute face, we’re still not turned off, and that’s because we can see that she’s got a really smokin’ body under it.  In these pics, we see just how sexy her body really is, because she’s finally giving her male fans what they want and going topless!  She really looks like she’s enjoying posing with her top off, and exposing those perky titties to the crisp, open air, whether it’s in her bedroom or in her backyard.  Well, she probably knows how much we’re all enjoying this, and enjoyment’s what she’s about.  She could go for serious dramas if she wants to, after all, but instead she’s giving us real entertainment, and with these pics, and those in this other site, she’s giving us a real hard-on as well!