Anna Faris Nude

It’s rare that you find a really talented physical comedienne who’s also a really hot babe at the same time.  Oh sure, there are sexy ladies who can also dish out some really funny lines, like Tina Fey for example, but their comedy is mostly cerebral and their talent is for writing, not performing.  And then there are those hot chicks who do comedies once in a while, though mostly romantic comedies, which don’t really get you to bust a gut laughing like an out-and-out funny film would.  But Anna Faris can consistently put on the funniest, most distorted faces and then leave us with a hard-on at the end of her performance, and that’s why we love her.

It helps too, if the comedic scene is pretty raunchy, like when Cindy Campbell’s horny boyfriend tries to get it on with her in “Scary Movie“.  We know exactly how he feels because we’d also love to see Anna Faris nude and ready for us to bang her silly.  Well, silly is what she’s really known for, with her appearance as lead in all four of the “Scary Movie” films, as well as other comedies like Rob Schneider’s “The Hot Chick“, “Waiting..“, “My Super Ex-Girlfriend“, “Smiley Face“, and “Mama’s Boy“.  Sure, she’s been cast in serious films like “Lost In Translation” and “Brokeback Mountain“, but it’s a testimony to her talent at slapstick that she’s still able to make us laugh even after those dramas.

Her latest comedy flick so far, as of the time of this writing, was “The House Bunny“, and that probably best encapsulates Anna Faris’ appeal for all us horndogs.  She plays a Playboy bunny who’s kicked out of Hef’s mansion for being at the retirement age for Playboy playmates (just 27), who stumbles onto a sorority house on some university Greek Row that’s in need of a house mother.  Of course the house is filled with misfits and outcasts, and it’s her job to make them over into campus hotties.  She’s both sizzling hot and laugh-out-loud funny in this movie, which is why we’d all like to jump her bones and have a fun n’ dirty good time with her!

More comedies like “Young Americans” and “Observe and Report” with Seth Rogen are scheduled for future release, cementing her status as box office comedy gold.  How many other cuties have such a consistent track record for making us laugh?  In this decade, I don’t think anyone comes close to Anna Faris, and with her cute face and sexy, sexy bod, she’s making us horny as well.  There’s no other Hollywood babe who brings so much enjoyment to the table, and that’s why we love checking out Anna Faris Nude. All her really naughty content is over there, and we’d all rather see that, or a good comedy of hers, than sit through some really serious stuff, right?