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Anna Faris Goes Topless

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

For a girl who can make us laugh so much, Anna Faris sure is hot!  She’s known best for starring in all “Scary Movie” franchises, and with every pratfall, sight gag or funny face, she really gets us rolling in the aisles.  But even when she makes a goofy look with her cute face, we’re still not turned off, and that’s because we can see that she’s got a really smokin’ body under it.  In these pics, we see just how sexy her body really is, because she’s finally giving her male fans what they want and going topless!  She really looks like she’s enjoying posing with her top off, and exposing those perky titties to the crisp, open air, whether it’s in her bedroom or in her backyard.  Well, she probably knows how much we’re all enjoying this, and enjoyment’s what she’s about.  She could go for serious dramas if she wants to, after all, but instead she’s giving us real entertainment, and with these pics, and those in this other site, she’s giving us a real hard-on as well!